Sunday, 28 July 2013

Food For Thought@SAM

Food for thought is a popular place to dine in, for affordable fusion food.
From their tagline "Good Food For A Good Cause", one can probably guess that they are a restaurant that support a course!
Well, they have several causes, and here is one of them that caught my attention:

I like the ambience of the Singapore Art Musuem Branch. It gives a very laidback feel, which is a good place to chill and catch up with friends on a lazy weekday afternoon. 
Food wise, there was nothing in the menu that was particularly special, but do take note that different outlet has their own set of menu.

The baby back ribs were well marinated, cooked to perfection. I dislike eating pork ribs due to bad experiences when the flesh gets stuck in between my teeth. One thing that made eating really pleasant was that more than just juicy and tender meat, the flesh from this baby ribs does not get stucked in between my teeth!

Linguine was flavourful, yet it wasn't too creamy that makes you cringe. The beef slices were not flavourful, more on the chewy side but my jaw does not ache from chewing it (:

Sadly, I did not try the pancakes. I will definitely be back there when I'm near the area! :D

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