Sunday, 12 January 2014

Bedrock Bar & Grill

Bedrock Bar & Grill is quite a decent place if you're looking for relatively more affordable steaks compared to other big names. Sorry for the grainy and dull-looking pictures. The place was really dark.

We were served with complimentary Flat Bread (looks like Naan haha), which was accompanied by the salted butter and roasted garlic with olive oil. The roasted garlic was a shock as I thought that it would be too strong for my liking but it proved me wrong. The aroma of the garlic fits well with the salted butter to enhance the taste of the bread.

Sauteed Mushrooms ($18)
Nothing very special about the dish. 

Smoked Tomato Soup ($14)
Ordered this because it sounded more interesting than French Onion Soup. No regrets because it was worth a try. The bisque-like soup was appetising and full of tomato taste, yet it is not too sour to make you wince.

Bedrock Mac N' Cheese ($18)

We tried both the USDA Prime Dry Aged Ribeye and Australian Ribeye. Both were good, better than average steak, the doneness was right, but it wasn't one that stands out. The one food that I would crave for would be the Mac N' Cheese. Hands down one of the best I've tasted thus far. It was a good balance of blue cheese, yet the surface didn't harden and the underlying layer didn't turn chewy and gooey when cooled like most mac n cheese. 
Service was really good at the place although we were very late for our reservation as something cropped up last minute. 

Bedrock Bar & Grill
Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard
96 Somerset Road, #01-05
 Singapore 238163
(If you're walking from 313, head towards Marche, step out of the glass door next to it and Bedrock is on your left)

Tel: +65 6238 0054

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Ramen List

N and I LOVEEEE ramen. Japanese ramen. It is hard to come to an agreement on which is the best ramen in Singapore, but both of us have a certain idea of what kind of ramen would satisfy us (:

Soup Base: There are several kinds of soup bases - Tonkotsu(Pork broth), Shoyu(soy sauce flavoured), Shio(salt flavoured), Miso(soybean paste flavoured), and probably some other less common ones like Fish Broth?
We love tonkotsu ones.. The gao gao (thick, concentrated) soup with a visible layer of disintegrated fats.
Noodles, of course, must be QQ (al dente). I have to idea what kind of noodles there are and I can't really differentiate them. 
Toppings: Ajitsuke egg(well-marinated egg with runny yolk and soft egg white)
Chashu (well-marinated pork, especially those with melt in your mouth texture)
Menma (bamboo shoots. Also, well-marinated)
Negi (something like the spring onions that is commonly seen in chinese food)
Seaweed doesn't make a difference to me.

So here are some ramen that we've eaten thus far! They are not ranked!

1) Ippudo Ramen

Needs no introduction. Probably one of the most famous ramen in Singapore?
This is our favourite ramen so far. Love the noodles, love the soup. I never fail to finish every single drop of it. The picture above is their seasonal menu's ramen though. 

2) Marutama Ramen
Quite a disappointment as I was looking forward to try it. It was bland and noodles were okayyy... Chashu average. Egg overcooked.

3) Ramen Champion
Top: Ikkousha
Bottom: Bario
I pretty love Ramen Champion! It's worth the price. Ikkousha was quite commendable however, Bario wasn't our kind. The noodles were like the yellow hokkien mee. The one used in Lor Mee. But the pork belly was rather shiok. 

 4) Ramen Santouka

One of our top few! Simply shiok to down that bowl of soup. It can be quite salty after awhile though!
The reddish soup is kara-miso, which is quite salty. shoyu and miso base are good (:
The slices of pork cheek are the highlight of the set. You can't see the fats on the meat but it is AMONG the meat. The fats are kind of blended into the meat slices and the texture is perfect when you chew it.

5) Shin-sapporo Ramen
 I had tonkotsu that day but it was such a disappointment despite the good reviews. It just didn't wow me. I was wondering if I went on the wrong day. There was simply nothing fantastic that was worth mentioning.
maybe they should specialise in just one soup base?

6) Baikohken Ramen
The shio (left) didn't appeal to us. Looks (and tastes) too healthy. The shoyu one (right) was not bad though!
I like that they have really generous toppings. The chashu was humongous. 

 7) Nantsuttei Ramen
 The black ma-yu (roast garlic oil) floating on it is so damn good! It coats onto the noodle and gives it a very unique taste! The garlic oil made it so fragrant!

8) Daikokuya Ramen
 Surprising find! We were at paragon and it was time for dinner. Wanted to go for Sushi Tei but the queue was simply too long. So I suggested we try this ramen and to our surprise, it is not too bad!
The egg and bamboo shoots were better than those highly raved ones. However, I didn't like any ramen that comes with the corn. I think it cheapens it and makes it look less authentic.

9) Tampopo Ramen
One of our top few ramen places! The soup is flavourful, yet not too jer-lat. Look at that dark-coloured egg. It was so well-marinated. The chashu with a dipping sauce was one of the more special ones that I've eaten!

10) Tonkotsu King (Ramen Keisuke)

The one I ordered was with Black oil
While the black oil does give the soup a different taste, I preferred the original one. The black oil does not enhance the taste of the ramen as compared to Nantsuttei's . It could be that the oil is not roast garlic oil? I ended up scooping the oil out and I did not finish the soup (which I usually do when I like the ramen). 
The cha shu was slightly thicker than normal, but not as thick as Baikohken's. The taste was similar though.. Not very well marinated. 

11) Tonkotsu King Four Seasons (Ramen Keisuke)

As the name suggests, the theme of the shop revolves around the 4 seasons. You can even see if from the setting and decoration once u enter the place.

The menu is pretty straight forward, the same goes for their other outlets. There are 4 flavours (the four seasons) and one King Ramen flavour, which is the basic, tonkotsu ramen. The safest choice I would say.
The picture above is Summer, with All Ingredients. I opted for Hard noodles as I want something more QQ.  The minced pork gave the whole ramen a great boost and the pork slices, which is stir-fried with onions was sweet and tasty on its own! That said, the soup was a tad spicy and I would usually finish the whole bowl of soup when I eat ramen but I did not. The extra salt probably came from the added ingredients..

This list will be updated when we've tried more ramen! (:

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Kki Sweets & The Little Drom Store

Kki has got to be my favourite place for cakes thus far. It is a dainty little Japanese cafe that shares a shop space with a zakka store. 
Although prices of the cakes can be quite a turn off, the unique creations are definitely worth paying for.
That said, because of it's limited seating, it is advisable to avoid peak hours. 
Also, if you're unlucky, all the cakes might have already been sold out by late afternoon!

Here are some of my favourites:

White Chocolate Mousse with Mango Centre
Just look at how marvelous the cake is. It is a mousse yet it wasn't too gelat.
The whole cake tasted a little like a mixture of condensed milk and white chocolate yet the sweetness is not to overpowering. The mango centre gives it an extra oomph to the whole flavour.

Little Red Riding Hood
Dark chocolate mousse with raspberry centre.
Dark chocolate and raspberry is a wonderful combination!

Basil infused milk chocolate mousse with blood orange centre
Its name matches its shape. If you're looking for something really sweet, this is not for you.
The basil-infused part gave the cake a teeny weeny bit of "tea" taste and the blood orange could be a little bit sour for some though I thoroughly enjoyed this creation.

Fromage Melon
Cheese mousse with rock melon centre.
I guess you can't go wrong with cheese and rock melon is not an awkward fruit as well though it is not a common flavour for cakes. I mean, you could expect what it would taste like. And yes, it delivered the right taste. (:

I am not a coffee lover, but my friend said that the coffee wasn't fantastic. I tried the milk tea, which is supposedly a signature drink but to me it tasted similar to Mos Burger's :/

The Little Drom Store is like a zakka store I would say. Sells random things like stationery, figurines, recycling bag, diaries, notebooks etc.. They have some interesting vintage stuff which I thought was pretty cool for instance, there were five stones and a tutu kueh eraser.

I bought this "plastic bag" which I'm every Singaporean can associate with. It is a recycling bag! Kind of like nylon material. Too cute.

Kki Sweets / The Little Drom Store 
7 Ann Siang Hill, #01-00 
Singapore 069791

Tel: +65 62256650