Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bangkok 2013 - Part 2

Day 2

The next day, we went to Siam area and of course, have to try the highly raved Som Tam Nua at Siam Square Soi 5

Their famous fried chicken wings, which i think is OVERHYPED.
The roadside stall sells a similar tasting fried chicken, bigger piece, cheaper price.
But of course, their's is a more neatly presented and tastes of better quality. For the price, I'd rather settle for the street stall fried chicken..

BBQ Beef. Tough, not juicy and tastes ordinary.

Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad) with Crab 
That was the first time I've tried raw crab meat and I didn't fancy it at all. However, the salad was awesome! Spicy, sweet and sour all well-balanced and the peanuts really added another dimension to it.

Crazily hot at Siam Square

Mango Tango, which is just opposite Som Tam Nua, sells Mango Sticky Rice with variations.
We ordered the one that has ice cream as well as mango pudding. Super awesome, but it wasn't cheap. approx SGD7

I really liked shopping at Siam Square because the things are more unique there and of better quality.
On top of that, it's a more pleasant shopping environment.

We then went over to Siam Paragon and Siam Discovery Centre and settled at Audrey Cafe and Bistro for cakes!

Disappointing. The most disappointing strawberry shortcake.

Thai Iced Tea Crepe cake was the best among the 3 cakes we've tried. The Thai Iced Tea taste is distinct, yet not too sweet. That said, don't expect the crepe to be like those Japanese crepe cakes. This crepe cake is pretty thick.

Ovaltine (or Horlicks) cake was pretty good. The ganache tastes abit like white chocolate or condensed milk, but not too sweet.

Shopped at Naraya and headed to Asiatique after that!
How to go to Asiatigue:
Take a BTS to Saphan Taksin, follow the crowd and walk towards Sathorn Pier,
Take the free shuttle ferry.

 Day 3
Set off to Victory Monument for lunch before heading to Amphawa Floating Market
We ate at the popular Boat Noodles that is located along the canal at Victory Monument.
Do note that the staff at this stall does not speak English and we had major communication problems though I could speak a little Thai.
Basically they sell 4 flavours. You select the flavour you want, then the type of noodles, followed by the ingredients (beef/pork/chicken etc)
The portion is really really small. We had 4 bowls per person and we've tried all the flavours :D
Fried Fish Skin/Fish Maw I've forgotten

Fish beef and pork balls

There are many places to shop in that area and we loitered around before walking towards the Century Movie Plaza to take the minivan at the bus interchange

It was a crazy long ride. 2hr if I remember clearly. Almost the distance from Singapore to KL.

Amphawa Floating Market!

First thing I bought there..
A sorbet filled in a rubber casing in the shape on an udder.
Super cute! The sorbet oozes out on its own due to the pressure.

Traditional sweets

Dining by the river is a whole new experience!

Coconut ice cream, with glutinous rice, peanuts and carnation milk. Add more milk and peanuts and it tastes fantastic!!!! Own the one at chatuchak hands down.

We went back to town to catch a movie at Central World. Bought tix and dined outsie Central World near the bridge/canal.

Salt Grilled Fish, which totally exceeded my expectation. I thought a Salt Grilled Fish would be dry and flaky. This was juicy and the meat was firm, with no mud taste at all!

Chilled around in the mall to wait for our midnight show to start but there was nothing to do as many shops were closing so we went in to a cafe called  After You for desserts.
They serve free iced tea and we ordered a Strawberry Crepe Cake which tastes better than it looked! 

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