Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Kki Sweets & The Little Drom Store

Kki has got to be my favourite place for cakes thus far. It is a dainty little Japanese cafe that shares a shop space with a zakka store. 
Although prices of the cakes can be quite a turn off, the unique creations are definitely worth paying for.
That said, because of it's limited seating, it is advisable to avoid peak hours. 
Also, if you're unlucky, all the cakes might have already been sold out by late afternoon!

Here are some of my favourites:

White Chocolate Mousse with Mango Centre
Just look at how marvelous the cake is. It is a mousse yet it wasn't too gelat.
The whole cake tasted a little like a mixture of condensed milk and white chocolate yet the sweetness is not to overpowering. The mango centre gives it an extra oomph to the whole flavour.

Little Red Riding Hood
Dark chocolate mousse with raspberry centre.
Dark chocolate and raspberry is a wonderful combination!

Basil infused milk chocolate mousse with blood orange centre
Its name matches its shape. If you're looking for something really sweet, this is not for you.
The basil-infused part gave the cake a teeny weeny bit of "tea" taste and the blood orange could be a little bit sour for some though I thoroughly enjoyed this creation.

Fromage Melon
Cheese mousse with rock melon centre.
I guess you can't go wrong with cheese and rock melon is not an awkward fruit as well though it is not a common flavour for cakes. I mean, you could expect what it would taste like. And yes, it delivered the right taste. (:

I am not a coffee lover, but my friend said that the coffee wasn't fantastic. I tried the milk tea, which is supposedly a signature drink but to me it tasted similar to Mos Burger's :/

The Little Drom Store is like a zakka store I would say. Sells random things like stationery, figurines, recycling bag, diaries, notebooks etc.. They have some interesting vintage stuff which I thought was pretty cool for instance, there were five stones and a tutu kueh eraser.

I bought this "plastic bag" which I'm every Singaporean can associate with. It is a recycling bag! Kind of like nylon material. Too cute.

Kki Sweets / The Little Drom Store 
7 Ann Siang Hill, #01-00 
Singapore 069791

Tel: +65 62256650

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