Monday, 27 August 2012

Turning 21

There is no particular meaning to the name "drunkene". I wanted to use "drunkened" as it was my previous blog's name. I deleted the blog and couldn't reuse the name ):

The first half of 2012 saw the start of my second semester in NUS and I am glad that my grades maintained despite the fact that I was very lost and couldn't catch up with work. 

Then dear was enlisted as a recruit, which was quite a tough time not being able to see him for so long.
We were just not used to it.

2012 is also an interesting year as many of my friends turn 21, which means there are many birthday parties to attend, many presents to buy, a lot of money to spend etc..

I celebrated Eve's birthday, which was held in HomeTeamNS-JOM @ Balestier. It was in some kind of zi char restaurant. Food is in house and it was pretty good for a buffet! (:

Eve and I. Bought her a Guy Laroche wallet in Fuchsia.

And there was Sok's birthday, which was also in March..

Then, it was my birthday, in April! 
I did not hold any celebration, just the two of us.
He booked a room in Marina Mandarin and we had a stay over that night.

We had dinner at YhingThai Palace, and it was totallly awesome.
Probably the most authentic thai restaurant you can find in Singapore.
Taste wise, I personally feel it is as close to Thai as you can get here.

Clockwise from left: Fried Stuffed Chicken Wing (must-try), Steamed Prawn, Tom Yum Seafood, 
Pad Thai,  Chicken wrapped in pandan leaves

Total bill was $90+, close to a hundred.

No doubt the price is high, but it is worth it.

Yhingthai Palace
36 Purvis Street #01-04
Singapore 188613

Tel: 6337 1161

We then went to chill at a bar at Millenia Walk to catch Arsenal's match!
Walked around to check out the pubs there but this is the only place that shows the Arsenal match.
The other bars were showing the other match which was not the one that we wanted to watch.

Lychee Martini

After the match, we went back to the hotel. Chilled and watched TV for a while and we decided to bathe.
D called the concierge to ask for extra towel and toiletries. But nobody came after so long.
I was wondering if they did not want to serve us because we're Singaporeans. 
Anyway, I was bathing and D went to get ice for drinks.
Okay, so I came out of the bathroom, packed stuff and the doorbell rang.

And there he was, standing outside with my birthday cake

 Red Velvet Cake from Room for Desserts. Macaroons bought by him from Canele

That was my present, from Love&Co. 

The next day, we had dinner at Raffles Hotel.
At first, I thought he was gonna bring me to have some steak..

But I was wronggggggg...

 It was Royal China's dim sum! Highly raved place for dim sum, and it lived up to its expectations.
Be ready to queue for a while despite having reservations. Yes, it was awesome!!!
Chee Cheong Fun that is smooth, thin that melts in your mouth and glides down your throat. 
Siew mai was slightly above average, but the pastries were good!

In June, we celebrated Jiaxin's birthday!
 We bought her a pyjamas set with leopard prints pants and bedroom slippers and made her walk around her living room, doing "Rawrrrrr"

 I will blog about our Klang trip in Jan and Bangkok trip in June! (:

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