Sunday, 11 November 2012

Day trip to Klang (Gunung Lambak + UK farm)

Some time back in January, before the boy got enlisted, we had a day trip to Klang together with his family and his parents' friends. It was pretty interesting and a good getaway I would say! 
We started off with having breakfast at a local coffeeshop. After which, we trekked up Gunung Lambak!
(A check on Google translate shows that Lamak=pile/heap so, gunung lambak = a heap of mountain??)

 Us before the trek!

Floral and fauna seen along the way.

Reached the summit! (Not exactly the highest point)

Mark jumping for joy.

We also visited a local farm called UK farm. The place is HUMONGOUS. Signed up for a tour and the guide within the farm drove us around on the bus (or truck?) and allowed us to stop at different points and alight to get close up to the animals!

 The sheeps are such funny animals! They just keep "mehhhhhh-ing", monotonously. One mehs and the others follow. (and their mehs sound really human. When you "meh" they follow too.

 We carried the baby sheep!


This is where I really witnessed the "Lost sheep". The sheep were released for grazing and when their time is up, the sheep dog will actually run around to gather the sheep and some of the more blur ones will just stone there and lag behind. Hilarious!!

I think Ostriches are so pretty! Just look at their lashes.
And they are so demure and silent, kind of give me the mysterious feel.

 The horses are all named (:

Apart from animals, there are many other interesting sections to visit at the farm such as Mushroom, Herbs and Vegetables, Passion Fruit etc.!

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