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Kungfu Paradise

I'm feeling really guilty that I haven't been blogging for such a long time.. There are so many reviews to post and I have yet to do up my Phuket Trip posts too. Well, I'll be catching up on these once my exams are over. The past few weeks have been crazy due to all the assignment submissions! So glad that it's over. Yet, there are exams coming up in 2-3 weeks' time.

A few weeks ago, I was again invited by OpenRice for a food tasting session at KungFu Paradise! The first time I heard of KungFu paradise was from a friend, who told me that their dim sum is not bad! I've yet to try them but this time round, we were going to taste their new "All-Day Breakfast Bonanza", which is a promotion from 4 February to 30 April 2013.

KungFu paradise is under the Paradise Group of restaurants, which owns many popular restaurants such as Paradise Dynasty and Paradise Inn. KungFu paradise has 4 outlets and this breakfast menu is available at 3 of them, namely Bugis+, Bedok Point and JCube. It is a casual and laidback East-meets-West cafe that opens past midnight daily and features an affordable and extensive selection of Hong Kong-style classics, Asian delights, Western favourites, drinks and desserts to satisfy cravings throughout the day and night. It is a great place for friends and families to gather and "chill" for long hours!

This is the breakfast menu!

First up, I ordered a HK Style Milk Tea (Cold)
I enjoyed the milk tea as it was pretty thick and fragrant. Despite ordering the cold one, the melting ice did not dilute the milk tea!

 Kay's Breakfast Combo, $11.80

This looks like a very standard set of, with two fried eggs, cheese sausage, turkey bacon and toasted white bread.
I didn't really taste the cheese in the sausage, but the bacon was quite fragrant though not very crispy. 

Spanish Omelette, $8.80

I thought this dish was quite unique, it looks like a thick stack of pancake-look-alike omelette.
It consists of diced capsicum, onions, chicken chipolata and is served with tomato sauce.
The omelette was juicy and the ingredients in it gave it a nice crunch! 
I felt they should come up with a better sauce that compliments this dish because going with ketchup makes it so ordinary.... Nothing special. I think a special sauce can make this dish shine!

Croque Madame, $11.90

The croque madame is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich baked in a rich mozarella and cream sauce.
I like the sliced country loaf used and love the melted cheese that is absorbed into the bread. Despite so, the bread remained crispy!

Royal Rumble Scrambled Eggs, $10.80

Ohhh, scrambled eggs! It was the first time I tried scrambled eggs topped with bacon bits and I think that more bacon bits have to be added to bring out the taste. In the description, it was that bits of chives were sprinkled on top but I think it is spring onion instead. I like my croissant cirspy, buttery and fluffy but this one is abit "lao hong" or stale.

Egg Benedict with Lemon Butter Sauce, $12.90

Many people were looking forward to this very popular dish! The egg was very welll-done but this dish didn't really stand out from the rest. While I agree that the Lemon Butter Sauce is a little creativity at work, I still prefer egg ben with Hollandaise sauce.

Wafflelicious, $9.90

Factoring in GST and service charge, the price is rather steep for these two pieces of waffle. The waffles were not delectable and it could be due to the fact that it is shielded by the strawberry syrup. The fruits were really fresh and thumbs up for the presentation! It looks really pretty! :D

I personally dislike the salad that comes with the dishes. I'm a salad lover and I could easily finish that small portion of salad given but the rocket leaves just tasted really really bad on its own. The raw, leafy taste is too strong and it was like eating raw herbs. The balsamic vinaigrette didn't do the leaves favour either. The sauteed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes were not bad and I ate quite abit of those.

I think the effort in presentation is there except for the fact that they serve the knife with every dish, which I find it quite disturbing. As you can see the kinfe appearing in some of the photos. All the sunny-side ups are so so well done, it makes the breakfast look really good. Nonetheless, the taste was quite ordinary and I personally would not spent this amount of money for breakfast, but brunch maybe? (:

Click here for the locations, contact numbers and operating hours of the various KungFu Paradise outlets!

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