Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mouth Restaurant 地茂馆

Here I am at the newly opened Mouth Restaurant at Plaza Singapura! I've been wanting to try the dim sum over here and the opportunity came when I bought the deal voucher (:

Har Gao
The har gao's skin wasn't thick. It was just nice. Prawns were crunchy and juicy.

The steamed BBQ pork bun looks light and fluffy and it really is!
The beautiful bloom resembles a huat kueh. I don't fancy steamed buns than have a layer of skin on the outside and I will always peel it off before eating.
The char siew filling was pretty good, not too sweet and not too starchy as well.

Fried Prawn Dumplings (明虾饺)
This was okay, there was not strong "kee" taste and it goes well with the mayonnaise

Fried Beancurd Skin Roll a.k.a Tau Kee (腐皮卷)
I like the tau kee here! As you can see, the skin is not those that is slightly translucent. It it fried till almost opaque. With a light, extremely crispy outer skin and juicy inner fillings.. Thumbs up

Fried Chee Cheong Fun 
I ordered this by mistake. I wanted to order the normal, steamed chee cheong fun but I ticked this instead.
This is the usual, fried X.O carrot cake, except that it uses chee cheong fun.
I thought it could have been better if more chai poh (preserved turnip) was added.

Siew Mai (烧卖)
The siew mai is average, pretty much the same as other restaurants' of similar price range that I've tasted.
The size is a plus point though.

Braised Ee-fu Noodles
Again, the usual Ee-fu noodles that are usually served in chinese restaurants and wedding dinners.
I love ee-fu noodles and this was just as enjoyable as most that I've eaten.

Xiao Long Bao
Amazed by the size! The Xiao Long Baos are really huge and look at the amount of soup/juice contained within each of them!

Baked Liu Sha Bao
This was probably the best dish that afternoon. It totally blew me away.
The baked crust is sweet and thing, with a little bit of crisp (think of those Fried Man Tous that goes together with Chilli Crab). Once you sink your teeth into the bun, the molten, liquid egg yolk flows out.
Not for the faint hearted and those in poor health. 

The menu is pretty expansive and I most common dim sum dishes are available.
The restaurant is clean and conducive,  pretty spacious and welcoming. I went on a weekday during high tea hours so there wasn't any crowd, thus I cannot comment on the service during peak hours. The price is a little bit high but the food is reasonable for that. One thing that I would like to mention is that, I'm abit uncertain whether the prawns are fresh or frozen. They do not really taste like fresh ones yet they're not like frozen ones.. Somewhere in between..

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