Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Travelogue - Phuket (Part 3)

For the rest of the trip, we roamed around without any plans cos we have no idea where to go and my family has joined us, which means we'll follow my brother's itinerary. We went to places like Central Festival, Jungceylon etc..

Most interesting prawn fritters I've ever seen - fresh prawns seated on leaves. I'm not sure what leaves are they, but the batter is really good!

Khao Phad Talay

Kway Teow Phad Talay - fried kway teow with seafood, at our usual breakfast haunt, outside out villa.

Prom Thep Cape. Up hill from Rawai/Nai Harn beach. Great view but I guess we were there too early and it was too hot.

Dinner at Kan Eang@Pier. Kan Eang@Pier was originally Kan Eang 1 and was renamed after a renovation. If I'm not wrong, there is a Kan Eang 2 restaurant around.. This one that we go to is at Chalong Bay, a more atas one. Of course, prices are not cheap, but I would say the food is reasonable. There's also a wide variety of food - Thai food, Jap food, seafood dishes.

Fireworks to accompany us after dinner. AMAZING

Spent the night in Patong as N wanted to catch a soccer match. 
I can't remember what happened, but I think he got the match timings wrongly so we missed it.
Ended up chilling at a pub and ordered some drinks.

One of the alleys along Soi Bangla / Bangla Road that sells local food

This was probably the best meal we had in Phuket. Laem Hin Seafood
The seafood was fresh and really cheap, we ordered tonnes of dishes. We get to choose our fish and crab and get them to cook in our desired style. Some might face communication barriers over there but it wasn't that bad for us as I could speak a little. Coconut shake is a must try!
Laem Hin seafood is near to the pier, pretty ulu and you will pass buy villages to reach here. There are boats that diners can take to another restaurant called The Black Crab. Our driver told us that The Black Crab charges exorbitant prices. 

Norbu Steakhouse
A very interesting restaurant with very unique decorations. The ambience is not too bad and the sauces were okay. I didn't like the doneness of my steak. I ordered medium rare, mine turned out rare (the picture above). Way too reddish. Love the brussel sprouts though. Reasonable price of $20+ or $30+. However, be prepared to wait. The restaurant wasn't crowded, but the service is slow.
They provide free transport to and fro if you stay in Rawai (:

Paresa Resorts
N got to know of this place while looking for places to dine for Valentines' Day. It is in Talung Thai. The price is reasonable for a place like this. Sadly, we totally underestimated the distance. It was nearly 2hr car ride. By the time we reached there, it was about 8plus. Can't see anything and we missed out the view.
Look at this picture that I've gotten from Paresa's website:
Absolutely breathtaking!

The resort is very exclusive, very atas, top-notch service. Non of the staff can't speak English. It reminds my of Singapore's Capella.. Well, the food was good, but I wouldn't say it is fantastic. Not a place to visit on a normal day unless you're looking for a luxurious holiday.

Well, on the last day of the trip, N and I checked out and followed our family as they moved to another accommodation - Serenity Resort
Private roof top, huge living room, spick and span rooms.
Again, you get what you paid for..

The umbrellas are near the swimming pool, and at the edge I guess it's a private beach which belongs to the place.
We could walk along the beach and there's even life jackets and kayaks for us to use!

They even have a clubhouse for kids.

We just had to have a meal at this beautiful place before we leave.

Last moment of happiness before we left...
See, it looks like we're dining on water. Incredible!
That marks the end of our Phuket trip!

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