Friday, 6 December 2013

Dozo Japanese Restaurant

I was trying to look for a suitable place to celebrate N's birthday and this was going to be the second meal of my treat for his whole birthday celebration, so I had to budget myself because the previous night's meal would have already cost me a bomb! Yet, I wanted the meal to be something unique so after reading around, I decided to settle down at Dozo and we were both really amazed by the whole experience!

Complimentary snacks provided. It looks like raw spaghetti coated with different flavours. I tasted them and they were coated with cheese. Probably called Cheese Sticks?

Complimentary drinks to start off the meal.. They were refreshing and appetising. They are plum flavoured, yet not too sour.

Chef's selection of assorted platter
The scallops were the most amazing ones I've ever tasted. Well cooked and juicy!

Tempura Battered Soft Shell Crab on Truffle Mash
The soft shell crab were tasty and they were not dry or over fried. 
I could not really taste the truffle in the mash potato though.

Gratinated Escargots baked with Yuzu butter
I have not tasted enough escargots to give a reliable comment for this but I felt that the butter made the dish very fragrant yet not too gelat for a starter.

Crab Bisque Cappucino Style
The interesting thing about this dish was that it was served in a coffee cup and no spoon was given.

Hamaguri Ushio-Jiru (Japanese Clam Consomme)
This was a very very light soup a total opposite of the Crab Bisque.

Kurubuta Pork Cheek
The pork cheek were juicy and chewy, with the melt-in-your mouth texture. 
I can't really describe the sauce. Should have asked the waiter about it. But it doesn't overpower the taste of the pork!

Seafood Platter in Saffron Sauce 
 The generous serving of seafood really impressed me. And that was the first time I tasted edible foam.

 Dozo's freshly baked warm chocolate cake with ice cream
Not the best chocolate lava cake I've tasted. But since it's in the menu, I must get it :D

Japanese Cheesecake
 I expected japanese cheesecake to be the spongy and fluffy kind, but this was more firm.

Mocktail of Love
It was a very interesting experience to be drinking from the test tube!

Complimentary little cake from the restaurant (:

Overall it was a very memorable experience at Dozo. Food were nice and affordable, surpassed my expectations. (I hope they do not increase prices). The staff were very very attentive even though we were seated in a private room. They knew exactly when to enter the room to clear our plates and serve the next dish. On top of that,the culture among the staff was a very positive one. They were jovial and love to crack jokes with us. Such an enjoyable meal (:

Dozo Restaurant
Valley Point Shopping Centre 
491 River Valley Road #02-02/03 
+65 68386966


  1. Hi! May I know how much was the whole meal? :)

    1. Hi! We had the 6-Course meal at $39.80++ per person. So total was about $93.68 (:


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