Saturday, 17 November 2012

Johnson Duck Rice + Stayover + Birthday Celebration

I met up with N for dinner along Macpherson Road as his office is nearby. This place is a hidden find!
Johnson Duck. Done a search online and I found that there is a stall called Johnson Duck & Chicken at Ghim Moh Food Center. Most likely they're related. The logo is the same.

Anyway, I think this place is quite new. The interior is not like a coffeeshop. It is clean, furnished with wooden tables and chairs. 

The menu has quite a variety of dishes and the had some promotion going on for the Claypot Rice.
Waiting time for the claypot rice is up to 30mins so I'm guessing that they used the raw rice and cooked it from scratch. 
We ordered the Set Meal for 2 : 2 rice, duck meat, soup, beancurd and 2 drinks and it costs $12 (I added Kai Lan, which costs $3).
Pretty affordable for the spread right! Am average plate of duck rice would cost about $3.50 already.

Anyway, the food came as a surprise. The soup and beancurd was WAYYYY above expectation.
The soup was a bittergourd soup, with minced meat, tofu as well as some ginger slices. Light and complements the whole meal.

I would expect the beancurd to be the braised tau kwa... Probably one piece, sliced thinly and served on a small plate. But NO, the beancurd is a sweet and spicy beancurd, with shallots, spring onions and a little bit of minced meat. It wasn't FANTASTIC, but the fact that they serve an unexpected plate of beancurd was just commendable!

The duck was okay. Nothing very special, but it wasn't bad either. The sauce was a little bit different from normal duck rice sauce. Well, you could say it has the taste of a normal duck rice sauce, just that it has a tinge of herbal taste infused in it. I love it! The sauce wasn't oily as well, and I soaked my rice in it :D

A really worth it meal I would say! Sadly, their business isn't very good. Probably cos it's new? Or based on their renovation, passersby would think that the food would be expensive. That said, a plate of Char Siew or Roast Pork rice is only $2.50!


Two days ago I tweeted "The most not-looked-forward-to birthday of the year"
Well, it was jiaqi's birthday. We did not plan surprise on the actual day itself so I went to stayover at her hall so that she could spend the first few moments of her birthday with me :D
Had a simple steamboat & grill dinner and her friends came over with a pint of Haagen Dazs at 12 to celebrate with her. She was screaming and shouting "It's my birthday" for a good whole 15minutes at least and I swear the whole hall or even several other blocks could hear her loud and clear.
I was not amazed. Very used to this.
We spent the night studying. It wasn't very productive for me as I spent 4hours to complete one pathetic reading. 

Lunched with Jiaqi the next day and I took a bus home. Rested for awhile and met up with bball girls at NEX where we bought a Strawberry Shortcake at Four Leaves and went to have Sliced Fish Soup outside SRJC. Our favourite hang out place and we've been frequenting that stall even though we've all graduated. My favourite is E-mian, with additional fish egg. Some stalls do have eggs but it just has a very strong, pungent taste and there's a yellow gooey stuff, which according to my mum, is the gall. The fish egg from this stall is always clean and very well-prepared and cooked.

The saddest birthday song ever. Everyone just had enough of her and couldn't wait for her birthday to be over. HAHAHAH.

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