Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Kuru Kuru

N and I had a buffet dinner to celebrate our JC classmate's birthday at Kuru Kuru Japanese Restaurant. The food was better than what I expected!
The weekday dinner buffet is about 30 plus for adults. The variety is wide and I did not manage to try every single dish but many of the recommended dishes did not disappoint. I did not take pictures of every dish as we were too busy eating and talking.

Valley Point
491 River Valley Road #01-07

 Teriyaki Salmon (Top most) - Quite a simple dish. Grilled salmon drizzled with teriyaki sauce. Tasty!
Yaki Niku  - This stir-fried beef is awesome! It is the usual sweetly marinated thinly sliced beef stir fried with garlic and onions, sesame seeds.... I ate 2 plates on my own. This comes in another flavour - Black Pepper, which was nice because the black pepper taste is not overwhelming.

Seasoned Baby Octopus and Teriyaki Chicken (tastes similar to its Salmon counterpart)

 Two pictures of this - Pork Belly. It was soooooo well marinated and it tastes like the Cha Shu of a nice Japanese Ramen. The fats disintegrate easily and once it melts in your mouth. (I only tried a little as it was too unhealthy)

 Fresh sashimi, generously sliced. Salmon, octopus, yellow tail, tuna, sea bass.

The crowd wasn't very good. Probably cos of the location? Location wise, I felt that it was pretty off - quite a distance to the nearest MRT station. Nonetheless, it was a good dining experience! (:
The staff were observant and service was prompt. The dishes that we ordered all arrived in the right quantity despite us placing order messily. Sadly, the dessert were not included in the buffet. A top-up is required so we gave it a miss.

Love Anastasia Clutch and LB top!

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