Sunday, 17 February 2013


I haven't been blogging for the longest period of time cos I was on holiday for 9 days. Longest holiday I've ever been to. It was crazy. I missed all the ang baos and steamboat ):
After the long holiday, school work had accumulated like crazy and I'm in the midst of clearing them slowly.
The scary thing is... Reading week is in a week's time!
The sem really passes very fast and I'm hoping I'll be able to cope with the projects (This is the first time I have to many projects and assignments in one semester). On top of that, I am taking up extra tuition assignments, which adds up to 6 tuition lessons a week in total. This mean that go for tuition more than I go to school. 
May God be my strength~
Happy CNY to everyone! May the year be a smooth-sailing one for all of you.

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