Monday, 4 February 2013

Kemi Wellness

I love massages. I do massage almost daily when I go to places like Bangkok or Batam. 
But, I've never gone for massages in Singapore cos it's just to expensive!
I brought N to Kemi Wellness for a massage for a belated anniversary "gift" few weeks back.
It's location is pretty convenient, just 3-5mins walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT and there are lots of food nearby!

We were so privilege to be able to use this couple room, beautifully decorated with flowers and some very antique-looking furniture. There was a bathtub and a standing shower area, but we did not have to use it and I wonder what services would require the use of bathtub...

Some products on the cabinet but I have no idea what was used on us..

The massage lasted for about an hour. The masseuses were professional. Both of them were well coordinated and were at the same pace. It is considered beyond expectation since I bought the coupon at a very reasonable price.

After the massage, we went to another room for the ion detoxification. I think it uses ions to detoxify the body? It can detox toxin from 3-6 months ago. My first impression was that it looks scary cos a machine is actually placed into the water which I soaked my foot in and I kept thinking if I would be electrocuted.
The colour of the water changes and it indicates which parts of your body is being detoxified. It is really amazing although I have no idea if it is really effective.
The colour of my water reminded me of my chemistry chemical tests in JC. There's a funny looking thing floating in the water and it's called a precipitate. Mine was dark brown and these are due to the exposure to radiation, which I am very guilty off.. There was some oil floating on the water. And some white patches around as well.
Based on the indicators, the therapist will then advice us on what to do and what to eat etc...
Just like what salons/spas would do, they promoted their packages etc... 
I did not sign up for any because I find it simply too costly to do massages in Singapore.

That said, although it was my first time taking up such services in Singapore and I have no basis for comparison, it was a good experience and there service is good (:
I will recommend this place to people who wants to do massage!

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