Friday, 14 December 2012

Carousel Buffet

Alright, so last Saturday N and I brought his bro out for a buffet, a post PSLE meal. It was supposed to be earlier but we had to change it cos he was called back to office last minute.

Wide array of seafood.

I usually start off a buffet with seafood.. Followed by sashimi and other sushi, cooked food, dessert, and end off with other random stuff or food that I wanna eat again.
There was a largeeeee variety of seafood. The crabs were a tad salty, but I like the scallops though N said that the scallops were just average. I thought the scallops were quite huge compared to some other buffets that we've eaten. The lobsters were not very tasty.
Prawns were one of the best that I've eaten. Almost all buffet that has seafood will have the cold prawns, but  I think Carousel's was especially sweet, succulent, crunchy. I ate like a mountain of it (yes, high cholesterol. I know)

Some of the clams were seasoned (or are they stir-fried?) These were good too if you don't fancy the plain tasting ones.

Some cooked food like brussel sprouts, beef pie, turkey breast, quail meat, sausage
I gave those common food like cabbage, potato wedges etc a miss.

First time I tried quail meat. Nothing very spectacular, tastes like chicken.
I like the beef pie leh! Tastes like shepherd's pie just but it doesn't have cheese. 
Turkey breast abit hard.

Pumpkin bisque with crab meat. OMG. I LOVE THIS.

Desserts. N love the white chocolate fondue. Well, it does tastes like white chocolate. But the colour is quite a turn off. It has a greenish shade, that looks like the bile that L4D boomer produces when he explodes. HAHAH. Might have pandan but I couldn't taste the pandan either.
The 2 pink triangular slices with a blueberry on top is called Strawberry Shortcake. Not the usual strawberry shortcake, but this one is more of a mousse.

 The creme brulee is a waste. The one on top is my favourite dessert of all. I'm not sure if i'm correct, but I'm guessing it's a mont blanc cake cos I tasted chestnut. That lump of chocolate truffle on top is thick and smooth.

Overall I felt that the buffet is delicious and worth it! Service was excellent. The staff were attentive, topped up water and cleared our plates quite fast. I found a strand of hair on my plate among the seafood, alerted the staff and she immediately informed the manager, who then apologised and took a new plate of food for me. 
The white chicken and roast duck was yummy! The char siew can forget about it cos it was quite bad. I know cos it's a halal buffet, the char siew is made of chicken. Did not like the sashimi cos I didn't like the way it was sliced. Other than that, I think it has lived up to expectations. (:
I went on a Saturday for lunch and it was $50++.
There was a Citibank card promotion. Total for 2 adults and 1 child was $139.89. Worth it. 

25 Scotts Road
Royal Plaza on Scott's Lobby.
+65 65897799

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