Wednesday, 19 December 2012

NanXiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

I bought vouchers for a buffet at Nan Xiang restaurant at bugis. Yes, buffet again..
Luckily my weight remained constant.
Here are photos of some of the food we've eaten!
 Sheng Jian Bao (Pan-fried bun)

Stir-fried duck meat (forgot the exact name)

Sweet and sour pork.

Ming Xia Jiao (Deep fried prawn dumpling)

Drunken chicken

Pork Ribs

Of course, we ordered other food as well.. Siew Mai, Har Gow, Xiao Long Bao etc..
The food came in pretty big portion for two for a buffet. Sweet and sour pork and pork ribs were starchy. It's very "gor gor",  I have no idea why..
Alot of the steamed dim sum like har gow and xiao long bao have quite thick skin and the prawns tasted like crystal prawns. 
The two dishes that won us over was the duck meat and this Shanghai stir fried noodle.
We ordered these two dishes twice despite being damn full.
The duck meat was tasty and well-cooked, and the meat doesn't get stucked in your teeth when bitten.
The fried noodle uses la mian, which gives a chewy texture. If i'm not wrong, they fried it with XO sauce.

Dim sum wasn't fantastic although they specialise in it (I think?). I feel that the ala carte dishes were better.
The voucher cost $17.40 per person for weekday high tea, 3-5pm, excluding GST.
Our bill was about $23 per person after including GST and I would say for the variety, it was worth it.

One bad experience with a staff. I called in to make a reservation a day before. It was the longest time I've ever taken to get my reservation done =.=
A woman with China accent picked up. I said I wanted to make a reservation, she said hold on. Okay, so in the background I heard her settling bill with a customer. I'm fine with it..
After about 3-4 mins, she came back and said in Mandarin "you want to make a reservation? wait a while".
So I waited again and this time round, I heard her talking and laughing to her colleague in the background. Waited for another 2-3 mins and she finally came back to take down my reservation. 

Oh yes, and the standard was quite inconsistent. The 1st round of our orders tasted better than the 2nd round, when the crowd came in.

Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant @ Bugis
200 Victoria Street #02-53 Bugis Junction S(188021)
Tel: +65 6835 7577

Ending off with my lovely chiffon fabric ear stud!


  1. Does it mean to say that we still have to pay GST at the restuarant?

    1. Check the Terms & Condition in the voucher to see if the voucher includes/excludes GST. If it excludes then yes, you will still have to pay for GST.


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