Sunday, 9 December 2012

Two movies in two days

I have not stepped into town for such a longggg time and I went there on two consecutive days this week. It was crazy. I would say the human traffic jam is worse than the vehicles on the road! 

I was out with Eve to catch Ah Boys To Men and she had to bring Germaine along because there were already 3 kids at her house and her mum might not be able to manage. She's quite easy to take care of! Sleeps most of the time (:
Photo: Christmas shopping :)
Wore MAC mineral powder and blush out for the whole day and still looking good at night!

Outfit of the day. My current favourite, PS1 look alike bag, from LOVE ANASTASIA

We were not hungry after movie, so decided to walk to Ion as she had to buy Christmas presents from Sephora. Felt uncomfortable not having dinner so we went to the basement for some snacks.
Clockwise from top left: Gindaco Takoyaki, Sofries' cereal fries, Sofries' regular fries with sofly dip.

It was the first time I've heard of cereal fries. Pretty refreshing taste, but not something that I would crave for. You can't really taste the potato either.
The res of their dips nothing very spectacular, though there were some effort of creativity by creating their own dips. I quite like garlic mayonnaise but I didn't choose that cos I was afraid I would get sick of it toward s the end. They lost in the fries. I would prefer BFF's fries. Those skin-on ones.

 Motherly instincts. Haha. 

Oh yes, did I mention that she cried during the movie! Kinda embarrassing, but luckily the theatre was a small one and Eve managed to appease her after a while.

The following day, N and I brought his bro out for a meal. It was a post-psle meal for him.
We decided to bring him out for a buffet cos it'll be damn worth for his appetite. Carousel was a good choice cos of credit card promo + we've always wanted to try the food there.
Christmas tree at Royal Plaza at Scotts. Pardon the way I stood. :P
Orange balenciaga inspired clutch from LOVE ANASTASIA

I will be blogging about the Buffet in the next post!

Ate till damn full and it was just nice for movie. What a nua day. Eat eat eat, then go into a dark room and just laze on the comfortable chair. And at night we went to his mum's boss' apartment for a Christmas party. Food-loaded day.

Anyway, we caught Rise of the Guardians. I was dying to watch Cold War but it wasn't showing any where in town. 
credits to: Wikipedia

It's great to watch such shows once in a while. Reminds me of the child-like faith we have when we were young, choosing to believe in things rather than being skeptical.
The sandman is so cute!! Speaking to him could be so exciting cos he just flashes images like playing charades. Hahah and I just love to see the sand cos it is gold, shimmery and feels so good just by looking at it. 

We walked to orchard and then back to somerset again cos N had to get a Christmas present for his younger bro.
I bought a Thomas & Friends bag for my nephew! On sale at $15 only. On top of that, I have $10 taka voucher, which meant that I only paid $5 for this. Comes with a card case and pencil case. Call me aunty as you wish. There was a nicer design but it was slightly bigger and it was a display piece. ): I ended up getting this cos he's really small and this was the smallest bag I could find. It was a steal! Thomas' merchandises are all so expensive okay. 

Bed time! I will be blogging about the buffet at Carousel. Stay tuned!

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