Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Celebrate Christmas in Genting!

Not sure where to go this Christmas or New Year's Eve?
C'mon.. Town is too crowded.
We should just get out of town, literally. 

Why not make a trip to Genting!
Christmas is related to snow and the closest (and cheapest) we can get is.... Cold weather.
Hahahah. Go to Genting to enjoy the coolness naturally!
To up one level, I REALLY want to go to Snow World and Genting has a newly renovated one!

My favourite activities have got to be shopping and eating and Genting has the best of both worlds.
Late night shopping till 31st December! Shops will be extending opening hours till 1am. Many shops are having promotions as well.

Even for food, there are promotions and there is such a wide variety of restaurants to choose from! I personally want to try the Ice Cream buffet at Coffee Terrace, Maxims Genting. The array of flavours is just mind-blowing.

This is damn exciting! I can totally imagine the moment the clock strikes 12 and the sky is lit by fireworks and all the rides in the theme park are lighted up. So carnival feel!

There are plenty of activities for people with different interests so.. go down to Genting this December! :D
Check out all the happenings:

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