Friday, 10 May 2013

10@Claymore - Pan Pacific Orchard

The yearly Pan Pacific special ala carte buffet, also known as 'Plates of Pleasure, occurs during the period of April to May. Here are some of the dishes offered!

These are some the standard buffet items - Seafood.
There was a generous variety of seafood, including lobsters and the huge crab.
Most buffets do not have lobster and most of them serve flower crab which are smaller in size.

German Sausage

Pork Ribs

Fish Udon. The udon 'noodles' are actually made of fish paste!

Steak. Perfectly cook, this was my favourite dish. I ate like 5-6portions of it!

The oysters were fresh to the max! There is an oyster counter and two kitchen staff were busy prying open the oysters on the spot upon order.

Macarons and Butter cookies. While the macarons were nothing fantastic, the butter cookies. If not for the fact that I was damn full, I would have eaten more of it.

The desserts were pretty average. I loved the chocolate cake and crepe. I thought the crepe was really thing and sweet! ;D

I guess what made the whole buffet worth were the crab, lobster, oyster and steak. Other than that, I wouldn't return for another round, unless the Plates of Pleasure menu catches my attention again (:

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