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Travelogue - Phuket, Similan Islands (Part 2)

Day 3 and 4

Day 3 

We headed for breakfast at a kampung again, but not the one that we frequent for the past 2 days.
This place sells chicken rice and has a mama-shop selling snacks and sweets.

50baht each. Don't expect it to taste like Hainanese Chicken Rice. This is a very simple, chicken slices with white rice. The amazing thing is how they get such fresh ingredients

We were hungry cos the rice portion is quite small so we went back to our usual breakfast place and ordered a portion of fried kway teow. We almost tried all variations of the food here already (:  Soup, fried, rice, noodle, kway teow , seafood, pork, chicken...

Kway Teow Phad Talay

After breakfast, we went back to rest for awhile and set off for Rawai Beach!
We wanted to explore a place nearby as we had to head back for an early rest so that we can wake up early the next day for our day trip.
We had lunch at Chocolate Bar & Restaurant.
I wouldn't call it a restaurant, probably more of a cafe.

Soi Rouyphad

Fried Kway Teow with Seafood. Very generous with the ingredients!

This was the best dish. Steamed fish with sour plum and those strips of bacon complements the fish really well! The whole meal was, again, a very affordable one for a touristy place like this. The fish 300baht if i remember correctly.

Strolled along Rawai beach. This place is not for swimming, but many thai families bring their kids here for a picnic or just play around the sand. It is a great hideout away from touristy beaches like Patong. 

For dinner, we decided to just chill at home and called for delivery from Tartufo Restaurant.
They have pizzas, pastas, burgers and thai food. The restaurant, just at the turn of Soi Kokmakham a few steaps away from Two Sisters Bar. Again, it is really random and when we visited the restaurant, there was only staff and I saw her cooking. She came out to tell us more about the menu. We asked if she delivers to our villa, she said yes! A very friendly lady and true enough, she "bao kah liao". She cooks and she delivers.

The pizza was surprisingly tasty and huge for the price!

Although the patty wasn't fantastic, presentation wise was not bad for such a low-profile place.

I loved the Tom Yam! 

Fried Rice - very simple one

Day 4
woke up at like 5am to get ready for or Similan Islands day trip. It was 2500baht, including meals, transport and equipment. The vehicle picked us up at our villa and we went to Kata beach to picked others as well. It was a 1-2hours ride to Taplamu jetty where we got settle to have some snacks, seasick pills and got our equipment.

The speedboat journey to Similan Islands was about 1.5hours.
I strongly recommend everyone to take the seasick pills. Don't geh kiang. You may not feel giddy when you're on the boat, but when the boat stops you are gonna feel really bad.
I'm gonna enlarge the photos from here onward cos they're so so beautiful!!! :O

We snorkeled at 2 islands before heading to the main one for lunch and to chill around.
I've never seen such blue waters in my life. 
They're not just blue. They're blue AND clear. It is that colour the moment you step out of the shore. It's amazing. By the way, the sun is so powdery fine that I had a difficult time washing my swimming costume cos it gets stucked in between. After washing, everytime I stretch, a bunch of sand appears on my swimming costume again even after multiple washes. I eventually gave up rinsing it.

Similan Islands is a group of 9 islands off Andaman Sea and one of the top 10 best dive sites in the world!
For this trip, I booked online with . It was a last minute thing and we were really lucky to have gotten a spot with a good price. Wooddy, who called us back to confirm our booking was fast and arranged things very well for us though our villa was hard to find. That said I guess they outsourced the trip to another company cos when we arrived at the jetty, the tour guides that followed us throughout the trip belonged to another company called MedzTour or something. Nonetheless, they were professional, helpful and friendly. N was seasick and she gave us helpful advice. She also kept a look out for everyone as much as possible. I tipped them generously at the end of the day cos we truly enjoyed ourselves. The only regret was that we did not have a waterproof camera to capture those beautiful tropical fishes ):

After a long day out, we took the minibus and dropped off other tourists at Kata. We asked if the driver could let us have dinner at Kata before sending us back to Rawai. We paid him a few hundred baht and we agreed (:

Visited this place that sells Indian food, seafood and local thai dishes. Expensive and not very nice tasting. The only thing is that it has a clean toilet and the restaurant has Wi-fi. 

To be continued...

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