Monday, 13 May 2013

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

This place is getting really popular recently with its highly raved dish, Shiok Maki.
Lets see if it is worth the hype!

The sashimi were fresh, but I did not like the way is was sliced.

We ordred a few to try, the meatball, chicken, some pork and shishamo.
None of them were worth mentioning. They were just ordinary grilled skewers. The shishamo was abit charred and it tastes quite bitter.

Stir-fried Udon
We ordered udon as a staple food to share, but it was, again, nothing fantastic. Just a simple fried udon with the sweet japanese sauce.

 Shiok Maki (Generation 1)
Here comes the star of the restaurant, Shiok Maki! This is the generation 1, which has salmon, avocado and unagi, drizzled with a lip-smacking sauce that tasted like a mixture of mentai sauce, mayonnaise and nacho cheese? I can't figure out what exactly is in it but, it is AWESOME

Shiok Maki (Generation 2)
Generation 2 has fried ebi and the sauce is the same. I prefer the former.

Verdict: I wouldn't go back unless I have a craving for the Shiok Maki, especially if there's a long queue. Plus, it is really pricey at $16-$17 per plate. The service was rather bad because it was difficult to get the staff's attention and it took quite some time for our food to be served. The place was cramped and it gets worst when the restaurant is crowded!

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