Monday, 28 January 2013

Bidding woes

The semester started few weeks ago, badly.. With the bidding war and trying to fix my timetable in a way that I would maximize my mornings and make my afternoons as free as possible in order to slot in tuition lessons. Also, I will be going overseas for two weeks and I do not want to miss lessons as much as possible so, lots of planning goes into my timetable!

Talking about the bidding war, I got out bidden for all the rounds and I was stressed about it. To customize my timetable to my desired means that there are very limited modules that I can choose from. That means if I don't get those that I want, I have to suck thumb and take other modules and end up with a less than perfect timetable.

One thing that I cannot fathom is why does the bidding eat into the school term.
Which means to say, if you have not gotten your module before school starts, you'll probably miss the lesson.. Unless you attend them on your own will (which is what I did)

So I had two more modules to go, and had to submit appeal for it. By the way, we were told that appeal results will be out earliest by end of week 2, which is quite late considering that tutorial starts in week 3 and the fact that after you've successfully gotten the module, u need to register for tutorial, buy textbooks etc..
Thankfully I have gotten both of them quite soon after I submitted and managed to settle down by the end of week 2.

God bless me this semester! It's gonna be tough but I hope it will be a fulfilling one! :D

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