Friday, 18 January 2013

Quilting Workshop with Sarah's Loft!

Last weekend, I was very lucky to be selected to attend workshop with Sarah from Sarah's Loft!
It was a Quilting workshop, organised by Swarovski Elements, held at Sculpture Square.
Check out their website!

Anyway, I didn't knew that place existed. It looks quite run down from the outside but the interior was totally different!
While waiting for the workshop to start...

Instructions, which looked pretty confusing at first.

Tools that we were given! Every one has a different piece of cloth and I didn't realise until I sat down at the seat. I decided not to change though cos mine looked pretty nice!

Measuring the cloth, 3 inches from the middle of the triangle tip

Mark the cloth with a crayon and pin with a round head pin. And sew along the markings.

We had some lunch before we continued...

All the beautiful and creative items.

Sarah's creations

Here is Part II!
Flip the cloth over, sew the two flaps at the bottom and attach the inner triangle to the base of the bag by sewing a few stitch. This will will make it stand. Sew one round around the top of the bag to act as a rim, so that you can thread the drawstring across. (:

 Last step: Bling-ing it!
Swarovski Elements were so generous to provide us with such a wide range of stones for us to pick from!

These are hotfix, which means you can apply heat and stick them on!

My final product! It looks so much prettier in real life!
I chose a square shaped with a slight yellowish tone and surrounded it with light blue and emerald tiny stones.

For the sides, i used a round clear bead and a heart shaped bead, also with a slight yellowish tone. 
I think it looks special and the colours matches the fabric! *self-praise*

I enjoyed myself during the whole workshop even though it was a longggg 5hours. Felt such a sense of achievement to be able to sew and create my own, unique pouch!

Thank you Nuffnang and Swarovski Elements for giving me an opportunity to participate in this workshop.
Thank you to Sing Mui Heng Pte Ltd for the generous sponsor of all the sewing tools! Do visit them at Textile Centre or People's Park Centre 

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