Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Christmas 2012

A backdated post but pardon me. I just had to pen down type down (or record down?) the whole of Christmas 2012! 

Christmas Eve
Woke up early morning to bake fruit tarts for the next day's party, rushed to tuition, and then to town to meet Joops! Our longgggg awaited meet-up. 
I gave her treated her to lunch at Itacho Sushi! One of my favourite quick meal sushi place.
I queued for about 40mins!

After lunch, we rushed to Far East for express manicure at some random shop!

Quite glad with my nails. Matches my skirt for that day!

We headed to church and was late. Hung out for a while after service, I went out for dinner, rushed home to take the fruit tarts and then to N's church for midnight mass.

Christmas Day
I went out with N's parents early morning to collect turkey and ham from Intercontinental Hotel and Mandarin Orchard respectively.
Both of them taste really good! 一分钱一分货!

The turkey was a Char Siew turkey and it tastes good with the sauce. The meat was not "siap" as well.
The boneless ham from mandarin orchard was the bomb. So tender and flavourful. It costs a bomb also lah.


Some fruit cake that one of his aunties gave.

Four Seasons' Chocolate Cherry Yule Log Cake
This cake is damn good. The chocolate very gao, and the brandied cherries are really brandied cherries and not those bright red-coloured ones. Even though it's damn good, I don't think it's worth the price. $61 for this tiny cake is quite ridiculous.

I rushed home to prepare for the night as my friends are coming over for a gathering.
We spent the night doing pretty much nothing. Just nonsense.. Playing around with my cosmetics, watching videos, gossiping etc. HAHAH

Looking at all the buzz during the Christmas period, N and I barely have anytime to ourselves. 
So, we have our own Christmas on another day. I know that defeats the purpose of Christmas, but the song says 12 days of Christmas leh.
We woke up really late that morning and I was summoned for facial with N's mum.
For that few hours, he prepared our Christmas meal (:
Spicy linguine with prawns, Lobster thermidor

The pasta was al dente, prawns were fresh (He said it was still alive before he started cooking)
I have to say that the Lobster Thermidor blew me off totally. It is not easy to cook at all, and alot of steps involved! Not forgetting killing the lobster. 

I bought Royce chocolates. I usually buy the Nama Chocolate, Champagne and it was my first time trying these. They did not disappoint at all! I'm not sure if the chips are ruffles, but they really tasted like ruffles coated with white chocolate. The rum&raisin chocolate bar... YUMS :D

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