Thursday, 10 January 2013

Thai Tantric

Orchard towers is not one of the best place to dine at but this place is such a hidden gem.
We were craving for thai food and I suggested to eat at this place after looking at another blogger's recommendation. I think we're gonna come here whenever we feel like eating thai food! :D

Fried Pork with Garlic and Pepper - $10

This taste is very familiar, I can't remember where I had it before. I did not like dish because the pork is a little dry. It's kind of over fried I would say.

Phad Thai - $6.50

This Phad Thai is heavenly in its own way! It is wet and sticky and it doesn't look like the usual phad thai. It looks a little like Char Kway Teow and I could taste sweet sauce in it!
They were quite generous with the ingredients too!

Fried Rice with Beef (Choice of Beek/Pork/Chicken) $6

This fried rice tastes very homely. It is a little charred and I love it cos it gives it a little fragrance.
Simple yet tasty the rice grains were 粒粒分明 and the beef slices were tender. There were lots of beef as well!

Tom Yum Seafood - $10 (the clear soup version is available as well)

This was the highlight of that meal. It's the first time I tasted such a tom yum in Singapore. I swear it tasted like the one in Bangkok's Chinatown. Felt like tearing after I drank the first mouth of it cos I finally found this taste in Singapore T_T I finished the whole pot of goodness 

Thai Iced Tea - $2

To me, no Thai meal is complete without this drink. They did it perfectly. The tea taste and sugar level is just like what I would get in Thailand, though I would prefer it to have a little more carnation milk (:

I have nothing else to say but I just can't wait to be back there to try other dishes. No doubt a hidden gem.

Thai Tantric
400 Orchard Road
Orchard Towers #03-23

Outfit of that day to catch The Hobbit! Prista bag from
Love the bag so much cos it looks similar to Givenchy's and huge bags allow me to smuggle food into the cinema :D

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