Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tonkotsu King (Ramen Keisuke)

One of the three ramen restaurants in Singapore owned by Keisuke Takada. I've not tried any of them and of course, the first one ought to be Tonkotsu.
All 3 restaurants serve ramen in different soup bases and obviously this one, Tonkotsu King, serves a pork bone soup base. The queue was about 20mins on a Monday night.

First, we got to grind the sesame seeds, which will then be added to the ramen. It brings out the flavour of the soup.

There are 3 main ramen. Normal, with Black Oil, with Red Oil.
I went for the one with Black Oil.
You can choose the ingredients that you want too. I selected all ingredients.

If the egg is added to the ramen bowl, I will always remove it asap so that it doesn't over cook.
This egg is AMAZINGGGG just typing this makes me feel so hungry.
The exterior colour is quite light, but it is so well flavoured, even the yolk is tasty. Of course, the consistency is perfect.

Complimentary bean sprouts and hard boiled eggs (not the flavoured ones) are provided. I enjoyed the bean sprouts.
While the black oil does give the soup a different taste, I preferred the original one which N ordered. The black oil does not enhance the taste of the ramen as compared to Nantsuttei's . It could be that the oil is not roast garlic oil? I ended up scooping the oil out and I did not finish the soup (which I usually do when I like the ramen). Eventually I drank lots of N's soup. 
The cha shu was slightly thicker than normal, but not as thick as Baikohken's. The taste was similar though.. Not very well marinated. 

Tonkotsu King (Ramen Keisuke)
1 Tras Street
Orchid Hotel #01-19
Tel: +65 6636 0855

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